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97% of the SDSU Alumni Board Past Presidents Council have pledged to PROTECT SDSU by opposing the FS Investors plan.

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SDSU Deserves Better Competitive Options

With only 18,000 to 32,000 seats (30,000 maximum for football), the SoccerCity stadium would have fewer seats than our Top 25 Aztecs need to accommodate the existing and most certainly growing football program. Our 2016 average football game day attendance last year was 37,000, and none of our target peer football programs have stadiums smaller than 40,000 seats! The SoccerCity plan does not provide for guaranteed or feasible stadium expansion to meet SDSU’s needs and also does not provide enough reasonable or proximate parking for the University’s fan base.

Not only is the FS Investors’ plan a bad deal for SDSU, it’s horrible for San Diego. The Soccer City Initiative proposes for the City to sell the land for as little as $100 per acre, eliminates community input and City discretionary review of individual projects and takes advantage of a loophole in state law to bypass the environmental impact review process.  There are no checks and balances!

Please join us and make your voice heard! The City Council needs to hear from all true SDSU supporters.

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Let the Mayor and City Councilmembers know: taking the first deal that comes San Diego’s way after the Chargers leave is not a good plan for the long-term. The City and SDSU should work closely to craft a competitive process that is done swiftly and professionally.

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